PROSE (prohz), v. Draft  better  contracts 

Prose is software built from the ground up for the sole purpose of drafting legal documents. It aims to remove the inefficiencies inherent in current drafting tools, reduce word processor related frustrations, and help practitioners deliver higher quality contracts with beautifully styled end results.

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Built to Draft Legal Content

Prose augments lawyers by providing a suite of features that make contract drafting a smoother, faster, more focused experience.

  • assemble contracts
  • automate documents
  • find errors
  • style, and restyle documents
  • cross-reference without breaking stride
  • manage defined terms
  • store, tag and reuse clauses

Prose handles the error-prone and mundane parts of contract drafting so that practitioners can focus on content, produce legal documents effectively, style them perfectly, deliver better results for their client, and still go home on time.

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How Prose Does It


Built to write, store, and reuse legal content. Prose provides the tools to make drafting a smoother experience.


Handles the tedious and error prone tasks so you can draft faster, hit your deadlines, and go home on time.


Styles and content are separated; Prose produces professional and consistent documents.

Purpose Built

Drafting contracts with your current tools is like doing heart surgery with a spoon. Messy. Prose is a scalpel.

Trusted by industry leaders

We’ve found Prose to be an enormous time-saver for contract drafting. It’s greatly increased our efficiency through a range of amazing features which overcome many of the limitations inherent in Microsoft Word.

- Alex, SprintLaw

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Starting a company in the legal sector is tough. We know the challenges you face and we're here to support you with our discounted package.

  • Everything in Standard
  • But cheaper!
  • Applicants will be vetted for suitability


Take your team to the next level in drafting proficiency with Prose.

  • Document Automation
  • Automatic Styling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Personal Precedents Database
  • 30 day free trial


Want more? Our legal technology specialists offer a range of additional services to bring about your vision.

  • Consulting Services
  • On/Off Site Hosting
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Dedicated Support
  • Bespoke Solutions

If you are legal aid, not-for-profit, or a student, please contact us to arrange something to suit your needs.

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