Built to draft

Prose is software built from the ground up for the sole purpose of drafting legal documents such as contracts and legislation. It aims to remove the inefficiencies inherent in current drafting tools, reduce word processor related frustrations, and help practitioners deliver higher quality contracts with beautifully styled end results.

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Draft, Review and Publish

Produce documents efficiently

Whether drafting from scratch, using a template, tailoring a precedent or amending an existing document, Prose provides the tools a lawyer needs to work efficiently and effectively. Prose understands the typical components of a legal document including recitals, glossaries and defined terms, operative provisions, parts, attachments, title pages, tables of contents, cross references and more, and provides specialised features for each.

Tools to help lawyers draft

Prose's intelligent drafting features automatically detect, create and update glossaries, cross-references and dynamic variables as you draft content and inter-linked documents. Real-time alerts in Prose quickly identify drafting issues and mistakes, and provide suggestions for drafting improvements. Drag and drop and copy-paste content while maintaining structural integrity. Use the Project Explorer to quickly navigate to content and documents within a project.

Focus on content, not styling

Lawyers can focus on content and structure as document production is separated from content creation. Formatting and styles are introduced at the final stage of the drafting process. This avoids common word processing pitfalls, inconsistent formatting, hidden or mixed styles and style corruption. Document styles can be selected or custom built. Documents can be exported to Word format or saved as a PDF.

Store, Reuse and Analyse

Store documents as data

The Prose Database is designed for storage and management of content created or edited in Prose. A single Prose project may contain one or more related and interlinked documents. The design and structure of the Prose Database enables search and retrieval functions across all saved projects and data levels. Key word search provides immediate access to all your saved content.

Reuse and build content

The Prose Database enables easy reuse of saved content. When a document component, like a clause, is reused in the creation of new content, the relationship between components is maintained as networked content. A rich repository of dynamically networked content is developed over time. The more the content is reused, the more powerful the search and retrieval function becomes. Interested organisations may also wish to leverage the potential for structured data analysis.